paperwork, Paperwork, PAPERWORK!

16 Nov

So here’s the truth- an international marriage= NEVER ENDING PAPERWORK!

It feels like, at all times, there is some form or another to fill out. Sometimes I feel like I’m a professional Form Filler-Outer. 

And just so you don’t think I’m exaggerating, I’m going to list off all the documents I’ve applied for since we got married. All the sub-categories are documents that were needed in addition to the main form.

  1.  My first Temporary Residents permit, which included...
    1. Photos. 
    2. Certified copy of Husband’s ID. 
    3. Certified copy of my passport. 
    4. Certified copy of marriage cert.  
  2. Husband’s visitor visa (so we could married in the US) included…
    1. A criminal background check (#1)
    2. Photos. 
    3. Certified copy of my passport.
    4. Certified copy of his ID.  

  1. Husband’s Greencard, which included…
    1. Round #1 Main form.
    2. Photos. (These, by the way, were a different size requirement than the visa one’s so we couldn’t even use old-ish ones.)
    3. Round #2 Main form. 
    4. A criminal background check from SA (#2,3,4)
    5. A criminal background check from Zimbabwe (mission impossible but somehow accomplished!)
    6. Unabridged birth certificate. 
    7. Up to date… 
      1. Injections 
      2. HIV test
      3. Chest X-rays

(I know 7. isn’t technically paperwork but it was still a mission. All 3 of these are only recognized when administered by 1 of 3 doctors in the whole of SA. ‘Nough said.)

      8. Proof of our marriage, which included any and all…
          1. Emails between us
          2. Emails between any of our 2 families.
          3. Love letters. 
          4. Sms’s. 
          5. Photos. 
          6. Postal mail. 
          7. Marriage cert. 
      9. My American bank statements and proof of all assets.
      10. I’m SURE there’s more to this one but this is what I can  remember off the top of my head.   

   4. My second Temporary Residents permit.
       1. FBI background check
       2. My local police (where I grew up) criminal record.
   5. My work permit.
   6. My new Social Security card.
   7. My new American drivers license.(easier than getting an SA one.)
   8. Certified copies of our marriage certificate (because the SA post lost our original-awesome.)

 Come the beginning of 2011 I will start working on…

   9. My third temporary residents permit. (They’re only good for 2 years and I can’t apply for Permanent residency until we’ve been married 5 years. Sweet.)
  10. Declaring both the girls birth to the US Consulate. 
  11. Registering them as US citizens, which includes…
       1. Seven years of my school transcripts (to prove I grew up in the US)
       2. Their unabridged birth certificates.
       3. Certified copy of my birth certificate. 
       4. Photos’ of them. (special sized ones.)
       5. Certified copy of my passport. 
       6. Certified copy of Husband’s ID. 

Phew… I’m tired and my hands getting a cramp just thinking about all that writing! And please keep in mind that we do not live in a major city so all of these forms either have to be hand delivered to one of the major cities (where the Consulates are, of course) or was organized via telephone or internet… and there’s at least a 6 hour time difference between us and the US. 

It’s true what they say, that’s you’ll do anything for love. Why else would I suffer through so many government offices and forms? It’s just our families reality. Lots of government forms is part of…


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