Scarlett O’Hara Report Back

11 Dec

Well, that’s it. I finished Gone With the Wind this week. On the one hand I’m relieved to know how it all ended. But on the other hand… I’m absolutely devastated! The ending of that book is freaking tragic. I was so sad inside for days that I could only now get around to reporting back to you about the book. 

Way above and beyond the tragedy of Scarlett’s extremely late revelation is my suuuuper sadness for Rhett. 

That poor man. If he was alive right now, I’d give him a big hug. And as for Scarlett, she and I are definitely not BFF’s anymore. She is classic case of “pride comes before a fall”. Very upset with her. 

Anyways, just wanted you to know that the suspense is no longer killing me… just the knowledge of all the lives Scarlett hurt or ruined is. Plus now, I have to find something else to read while I express. Suggestions are welcome. Nothing as devastating as this though, please? I need a pick me up after this read. Or maybe I should stick to magazines for a while. There are no characters in magazines that I can get emotionally invested in, just to be let down. 
I get into my books- so shoot me? 

That’s just…



One Response to “Scarlett O’Hara Report Back”

  1. Amy December 11, 2010 at 7:53 pm #

    There's a sequel written by Alexandra Ripley called "Scarlett." Maybe she'll redeem herself…maybe not. šŸ™‚

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