The Girls Half Christmas

29 Dec

OK technically it was the girls first Christmas but they’re totally not going to be able to remember it. I mean, come on- they’re only 5 months old! So… I’m calling it their Half Christmas, and next year I will count it as their first proper Christmas. 

Anyways, so their Half Christmas went something like this… All week we were at our families holiday house in a small river town, just chilling. So on Christmas Eve we slapped on the sunscreen and hats went for a nice walk on the beach.

This was the girls first time to the beach and even though we didn’t set them down on the sand or put their feet in the water, they LOVED the ocean. They just stared and stared with wide eyes. It was suuuuper cute!
Christmas day started with an experiment and new adventure- solid food. We decide a while ago to give them solids for the first time during this holiday cause we knew Gran and Gramps would appreciate being around for it. So myself, Husband, Granny and Gramps all crowded around the dining room table where the girls sat perched in their bumbo seats @ 7 am Christmas morn and here’s how it went…


Blake did pretty well for her very first time with solid foods. She did make a disgusted face at the taste of the rice cereal but she swallowed it none the less. Keena was not interested at all. She gave us The Vault treatment. What is The Vault you ask? It’s that super tight lip mouth pursing babies do when they WILL NOT open up. Prying open Keena’s mouth is about as easy as robbing the federal reserve bank. She hardly ever makes it easy on you when you try to feed her. See, she LOVED being breastfed and it took me 6 WEEKS to switch her over to a bottle and still… every time I give her her bottle she gives me up hill about it. She’s the silent but stubborn kind. So anyways, first rice cereal didn’t go down to well in her books. Most of it ended up all over her face.
Next we opened presents, starting with our Christmas crackers. They each got crowns.

(Keena in her cracker crown)

(Blake in her cracker crown)

Normally we have a massive Christmas lunch with cousins and aunts and uncles but due to various reasons, it was just myself, Husband, our girls and my in-laws this year so… in a shockingly nontraditional fashion we went to a hotel for lunch. Hey, don’t knock it until you have no cooking or dishes to do and can relax all day.  
So that’s more or less how the girls Half Christmas went. Next year I’m going crazy though. You just wait and see! But this year, Half Christmas was…


2 Responses to “The Girls Half Christmas”

  1. Tia Today December 30, 2010 at 1:19 am #

    Fabulous post! What fun to hear your thoughts and see the responses of the girls. I love , love, love the pics.I'll admit, I could have predicted those general reactions. Keena is quite determined, and Blake may be excitable, but is able to be diverted (and convinced. Remember who was willing to suck a little water during the night and who refused?

  2. Amy December 31, 2010 at 1:07 pm #

    Very cool post my friend! love all the photos of your girls… keep it up xoxo

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