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What are the chances??

16 Feb

Wow, last week was one heck of a doozy in our household. The week started off with Blake cutting her first two teeth, which I must say was a non-even in comparison to what I had braced myself for in regards to teething but in general she was just kinda miserable. Nothing dramatic, just steady grumpiness. Definitely not the end of the world but after a few days of it, the grumpiness really started to grate me… which I felt bad about since she was in pain. Awesome.
At the same time, Keena suddenly came down with a hay fever/allergy kind of deal- big red puffy eyes that were watering like crazy, sneezing lots and a very congested nose which led to… me sleeping sitting up straight in bed 3 nights in a row with her strapped to my chest in a kanga pouch so she could sleep. Super fun.
Ps. During all this, Blake decided she didn’t like any solid food I gave her and Keena learned a fun new trick- during meal time she’d open her mouth like she wanted food and as I brought the spoon close she’d swat the spoon and food would go flying all over her and me and the feeding chair and the floor. Sleep deprived and thin patience-awesome.
On Friday night the girls had been asleep about two hours when we suddenly heard coughing & gagging over the baby monitor. I go in to check on them to find Blake vomiting all over her cot! In the process of cleaning her and her cot up, Keena also starts vomiting! After each of them vomiting 3x’s we decided to take them to the emergency room. Turns out it was just a 24 hour gastro bug kind of deal but still very scary for us and meant another late night.
THE VERY NEXT MORNING Blake starts showing the exact same symptoms that Keena had at the beginning of the week, so I think… that’s so strange cause the doctor who saw them LAST NIGHT said they both looked fine. Well, she got progressively worse on Saturday so I, again, slept sitting up with her strapped to me so she could breathe while she slept. And after getting even worse the next day I took her to the doctor to find she had a throat infection. Fantastic.
Three trips to the doctor in one week- seriously?? What are the chances.
I did have one shining moment that I must tell you about though. Due to all the stress of… well, all of this- I was very tired, impatient and panicky last week. Yah know, when you’re brain just doesn’t function properly from exhaustion and both babies are crying and need your full attention, you just don’t have the hands to give them and so you’re quickly trying to think of/sort out some type of solution to the situation? In one of these exact moments, I quickly mustered up what turned out to be, a great solution for us allJ
Keena was congested and could only sleep upright. She was really tired and screaming to go to sleep. Blake was wide awake and wanted to play but wanted me to play with her and would cry every time I walked away (which she never does) to help Keena. So here was my solution…
Keena strapped to my chest and sleeping…
… while I sat next to Blake on the floor and played.

And here they are all passed out… in the exact same spot.



Swaddle Victory

9 Feb
Oh Blogville, Oh how I’ve missed thee! I’ve been distant and I’m sorry. I think about you all the time but there’s just ‘something’ (ie everything) about having 6.5 month old twins that keeps me busy Busy BUSY!
But… I’ve got a tale for you. Well, actually it’s just a Mom story but… that is the whole point of this blog right? Anyways, here’s the deal- we fought the swaddle monster that was living in our house & successfully conquered it. I AM VICTORIOUS.
If you’ve been following regularly you’ll remember that my girls were A.D.D.I.C.T.E.D to swaddling. I tried twice when they were younger to teach them to sleep unswaddled with no success but this time we put our foot down. I drew up a game plan and everything.
Swaddle Free Game Plan
1)   Put the girls in separate cots.
    They’d been sleeping in the same cot since birth but they both moan a lot when they’re nodding off and their arms and legs go all over the place, so it was just time.
2)   Lots of dummies in each cot.
    We put 3 dummies in each cot so neither the girls or us were searching for a needle in a hay stack when it was time for a dummy.
3)   Motivational signs.

    I’m such a dork but I had to do this for myself. I totally put motivational signs all over their cots to remind myself, when they were crying their hearts out because of the change, why I should stay the course and not give in.
4)   Dookies.
    These are just a soothing object for them to hold. These are the specific ones I bought:
5)   Ear plugs.
    When my girls wind up, they can wail! And my girls aren’t big criers… in fact they hardly ever properly cry, but when they do it counts. And I anticipated lots of tears out of frustration since we were changing a major habit. So we came equipped with ear plugs.
6)   Notebooks.
    For me, it was super important to record each sleep session so I could see the progress we were making. It encouraged me to keep going.
7)   Pick Up/Put Down.
    This is a Baby Whisperer method that was the crux of this whole game plan. PU/PD is like a middle of the road option in terms of sleep training. You don’t leave them alone to cry it out but you don’t give them a prop either. Here’s a link:
     It worked well for us though.
K. So that was our game plan and all in all it worked pretty well. We started on a Friday night, Husband took one baby and I the other. They both cried full throttle for 50 minutes! It was not pretty. (Part of our decision was to not shush or shelter them from each others noise since they’ll be in the same room together for years to come. They have to learn to shut out each other and other loud household noises out when it comes to sleep.) So, they cried and cried and cried and we’re reassuring them and reassuring them and… right as one was losing steam and nodding off, the other would let loose and the almost asleep one would start again… and we just had to deal with it. I reckon it’s just part of the package with multiples. Eventually they both lost steam and fall asleep, after nearly an hour, and were down for the night. Tough but successful.

(Exhausted after sleep training. and yes, they put that stuff over their faces themselves. They still do that!)
Not gonna lie, that whole weekend, those first 2.5 days, were rough but each day, each nap or night after that first night DID get easier. Now, two and a half weeks down the line, all I have to do is lay them down in their cot with a Dookie in hand and a dummy in mouth and they soothe themselves to sleep. If necessary, I do go in a put their dummy in but we try to do that only if REALLY necessary.
It was a lot of change at once- going unswaddled, learning what to do with your arms and legs and being alone in their own cot. But they’ve adjusted well and I’m suuuuuper proud of them.
Oh, and I wanted to mention, when I was formulating my game plan I searched high and low for A) another story of a baby as addicted to swaddling as mine and B) a twin mom who faced this. Eventually I found, Kristi from Interrupted Wanderlust (, who went through something similar with her twins a few years ago and I read a few of her blogs about the ordeal. But this is my documentation of our happenings. So if you’re a mother of multiples and you’re facing a big change in sleep habits, know that it CAN BE DONE, and this is…