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Keena’s Fat Rolls and Blake’s hair

14 Mar

From the day they were born, Keena has been a very slow, steady paced eater. When she was breast-fed, she would gently latch on and drink her whole feed at one steady pace- enjoying every second of it.

Blake was the exact opposite. Her latching was more like chomping down and her sucking was more like the gobbling of a starved orphan. And because she ate so much quicker than Keena, everyone (ie. the Grannies and Husband) all felt like Blake was getting the lions share and that Keena was getting the short end of the stick. Everyone said “Keena’s too skinny- feed Keena more! Feed Keena more!”

(Keena’s on the left.)

So… I fed Keena more.

Now, at seven and a half months, she’s 200g heavier than Blake and does not look like she’s getting the short end of the stick at all!

I mean, come on! Check out those fat rolls! And that double chin! They’re freakin’ cute:) And I’ll be sad when they melt away:(

And I have a secret to share about Blake.


When Blake was just 14 weeks old…

we shaved her head. Yep. You read that right. We shaved our daughters head.

See, there is a large population of Indians in South Africa and rumor has it that Indian girls have such long, beautiful, thick hair because of the Indian tradition of shaving off a babies birth hair. So at 14 weeks, when Blake’s hair was falling out in clumps and she looked like a banshee because of it…
we decided to test the Indian theory. And before I carry on let me just mention that we let Keena’s hair fall out naturally…

Blake now has a nice head of hair (Don’t be fooled. There is a decent amount there, it’s just a very fair strawberry blonde color.) and Keena still has, basically, none. Blake’s grew back very quickly!

All the family and friends who were shocked and horrified that we shaved our daughters head are now scratching their heads with a puzzled look on their face say… “huh.” 

Around here… we love baby’s fat rolls and enjoy shaving baby’s heads.. 


Aliens Stole My Baby

7 Mar

PLEASE, somebody else tell me that you’ve felt like this before. My super bubbly, naturally happy and friendly Blakey…

 is all of a sudden a total moaner! For about a week now, she just moans and moans and moans!

When she wakes up, when she’s playing (or should be playing), while I’m feeding her- solids or her bottle- she’s just a flipping grump!

She shows no apparent signs of teething, doesn’t have a fever, doesn’t show any indication of being in pain in any way shape or form. She’s just moaning, moaning, moaning! And heavens forbid I try to walk out of the room, then she really has a melt down. And I understand that babies do get separation anxiety around this age (the girls are 7 months now) but… could that be all this is?? Surely it has to be something else too.

Please someone throw me a freakin’ bone here. Otherwise I might end up chucking her out the window. …. Obviously, not really… but the moaning is really starting to grate me.

I like my happy Blakey. I miss my happy Blakey and want her back! Happy babies are…

Gettin’ Back in the Swing of Things

4 Mar

Hmm… I’m not really sure I have heaps to say tonight. I just wanted to say ‘hi’.

My internet connection has been really wishy-washy lately leaving me not much opportunity to blog. (This is Africa people, things almost never run smoothly.) So I feel kinda rusty now… all the things that normally run through my head that I think I’d like to share with you at first chance have kind of drifted on. But that could also be because I didn’t get much sleep last night… or the 2 night before that. The girls have this pesky post-nasal drip kind of a thing, at the moment, that wakes them up half way through the night cause they can’t breath. Sucks- for them and for me who has to drag my zombie like self out of bed to try and help.

Tired or not… I just kinda miss yah. I’m gonna write another blog now about an actual topic so you continue to like me.