Gettin’ Back in the Swing of Things

4 Mar

Hmm… I’m not really sure I have heaps to say tonight. I just wanted to say ‘hi’.

My internet connection has been really wishy-washy lately leaving me not much opportunity to blog. (This is Africa people, things almost never run smoothly.) So I feel kinda rusty now… all the things that normally run through my head that I think I’d like to share with you at first chance have kind of drifted on. But that could also be because I didn’t get much sleep last night… or the 2 night before that. The girls have this pesky post-nasal drip kind of a thing, at the moment, that wakes them up half way through the night cause they can’t breath. Sucks- for them and for me who has to drag my zombie like self out of bed to try and help.

Tired or not… I just kinda miss yah. I’m gonna write another blog now about an actual topic so you continue to like me.


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