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Still Alive

14 May

Hi ya’ll.

I am, most definitely, still alive.

But OMG life is busy right now.

This is, by far, the most demanding phase the girls have been through yet. I guess it’s technically a toss up between this and breast feeding but it’s like comparing apples and oranges and who can do that fairly? 

Anyways, these girls of mine are super Duper Ridiculously BUSY! Two days after Blake started crawling (Keena was already crawling by this point) she started pulling herself up on things and it’s all been craziness since.

THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! Who knew humans could move on all fours so quickly? They are in everything and standing and walking along anything possible. And my gosh, if I hold still for more than 2 seconds there’s 2 little people right on my heels using my pant legs as a stabalizing platform to brace themselves against to stand up! One on each leg, both chattering and both gripping and pulling with that death grip baby’s have. Most of the time I feel lucky to keep my pants on they tug so hard. And getting things done, like house work or cooking or blogging, is hard as climbing Mount Everest. Little people, always at my feet, always bracing themselves against me or clinging on. And just as soon as I peel one off me and start on the second, the 1st one has reapplied herself again and I think “what’s the freakin’ use anyways?”

And then… we had the arrogance to actually attempt a family holiday. And not just any holiday, a 10 hour road trip to a big city where we all had to live in one big bedroom and share a house with other family members and… go to a wedding… with the babies.

What the heck was I thinking??

(Husband and Keena (L), Me and Blake (R) at the beginning of the wedding.)

(Blake, myslef and Keena)

Look, they did well at the wedding but it was just flipping exausting for me.

After we got back, I spent the first week trying to recooperate from our “holiday” only to be mauled by an onslaught of sickness in our household. And it all happened in one big wham!

Husband got sick. I got his sickness. Keena suddenly got a fever from her 9 month injections and Blake… Blake was hundreds. She’s been doing laps around us sickies while, with the energy we had left, we made sure she was fed & wasn’t playing with anything hazardous.

Basically it’s been nuts.

I know, I know, it’s the story of every Moms life. But I know I’ve been a bad blogger this past month and there’s just nothing I could have really done about it. When I got a 20 minute gap in my day and I had the option of sleeping or blogging… sleeping always won out. Sorry. I’d just rather keep my sanity than blog about my insanity.