Catch Up Love

10 Sep

I feel terrible for neglecting my blog lately and was embarrassed to realize that I hadn’t posted anything in 2.5 months! Shame on me 😦 So I thought I would be gentle with myself and kick-start again with loads of pics from the past few months. Enjoy:)

Blake brushing her teeth before church.
Best best friends:)

So beautiful…

The girls 1st birthday party!… and 1st cupcakes:)
Looking so innocent but so naughty all at the same time!
Keena getting use to the texture of the cupcake and icing.
Opening presents with the family.
Check us out on our new cool motor bikes!
Husband works for a family business. Their forklift driver called in sick one day and Blake volunteered for the job:)
The girls recieved their US birth certificates- yeeeaaaaah! I huge burden off my shoulders.
Such a pretty Keena:)

Helping me grocery shop.

Showing off her big blue eyes.

Blakes new hair do:)

Typically Keena- playing with Dad and his iPhone.

Everyday is a perfect day to ride a bike wearing a tutu!

Maxing out in the backyard swing…

Blakes LOOOOOVES cucumber. She’s easily entertained at the shops as long as she has a cucumber to munch on.  

Loving on their first baby dolls:)

So happy that husband got a pic of me with my darlings:) 

Showing off their legs on the first warm day yet.

Very happy to be reading with Daddy:)
Blake loves our dogs and one day I found her hanging out with our lab like this.
Birthday parties, playing with dogs, reading with Dad, big smiles, baby dolls and tutu’s…  

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