The Girls Stats & Facts

12 Oct

I would say that this post is mostly for my family overseas but you might enjoy comparing my girls with your kids stats since we mothers all do that anyways.

(currently 14.5 months)
  • Birth Weight: 3.14 kg (6.9 lbs)
  • Birth Length: 47cm (18.5 in)
  • Current Weight: 12 kg (26.4 lbs)
  • Current Height: 80 cm (31.5 in)
  • Started Sitting @: 6 months
  • Started Crawling @: 7.5 months
  • Started Walking @: 10 months
  • First Tooth @: 9 months
  • Current # of teeth: 10
  • First Words (other than ‘mama’ & ‘dada’): bubba (baby), dog & ‘banpa’ (grandpa)
  • Fav foods: pasta screws, scrambled eggs (with spinach puree mixed in is also a fav), yogurt, carrots, peanuts, peanut butter, cream cheese, fresh rye bread, pears, strawberries, tea, oatmeal (with banana, honey & cinnamon), banana bread
  • Fav toys: baby dolls, card board boxes,  toy cell phones/telephones, plastic beaded necklaces, anything with a screen- tv, cell phone, computer, whatever, toy remote control
  • Fav activities: carrying her baby (who she affectionately calls ‘bubba’) around and loving it/ looking at pictures (especially of babies)/ tearing out pictures of babies in my old maternity magazines and bringing them to me (noticing a trend yet?)/ watching TV/ eating/ sleeping/ play dough/ playing in puddles or the dogs water bowl/ roaming around outside/ playing in the dirt or sand/ reading books/ playing with Blake
  • General temperament: easy going, silly, energetic, independent, affectionate, resilient, determined, cautious of strangers but very warm to those she’s familiar with, takes a while to warm up in a new environment, initially gets overwhelmed in a large crowd of children/ excitable
  • Keena Zoey means: bold and courageous (Keena) & life giving (Zoey)
also, currently 14.5 (obviously, they’re twins)

  • Birth Weight: 2.88 kg (6.3 lbs)
  • Birth Length: 47cm (18.5 in)
  • Current Weight: 12 kg (25.3 lbs)
  • Current Height: 82 cm (31.5 in)
  • Started Sitting @: 6.5 months
  • Started Crawling @: 8 months
  • Started Walking @: 11.5 months
  • First Tooth @: 7 months
  • Current # of teeth: 12
  • First Words (other than ‘mama’ & ‘dada’): dog
  • Fav foods:  yogurt, carrots, raisins, cream cheese, fresh rye bread, pears, strawberries, bananas, tea, oatmeal (with banana, honey & cinnamon), homemade granola bars, banana bread, cheese, rice crackers, avocado, biltong (jerky), tuna in mayo, water
  • Fav toys: books (especially touch and feel ones), balls, cars, her little motor bike, duplo, toy cell phones/ telephones, toy car remote,
  • Fav activities: putting shapes into the correct shaped hole/ climbing/ ‘reading’ or being read too/ riding her motor bike (aka me pushing her around on it)/ anything that involves her being spun around, hung up-side-down, pulled around, thrown in the air or chased/ hide-n-go-seek (it’s always me hiding at this point)/ trying new foods (this kid will eat anything!)/ playing with Keena
  • General temperament: outgoing, friendly, likes to be near other people, dramatic, feisty, affectionate on her terms, curious,contagious laugh, mischievous/ observant/ excitable/ slight perfectionist (She didn’t attempt any of the bigger milestones like rolling over, sitting, crawling or walking until she’d watched Keena try and fail for at least a week if not longer. She’s mostly ‘just starting crawling/walking/whatever’ without any of the preliminary ‘practice’. It’s as if she didn’t want to try until she felt confident she could do it right the first time.),
  • Blake Adelaide means: bright and transparent (Blake) & noble (Adelaide)
So that’s the low down on my little people, my tiny posy. They’re too freaking cute man! Freaking cute is…




One Response to “The Girls Stats & Facts”

  1. Becoming Supermommy October 20, 2011 at 4:18 am #

    Hello!New follower here! Also a twin mama. 🙂 Your girls are gorgeous, as I'm sure you know!I'm also in a cross cultural marriage (although we're both American). And South Africa is a country I would LOVE to visit. My father works out of Cape Town on a regular basis. I've never been so jealous. :)Nice to meet you!!!

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