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Merry Christmas

26 Dec
I’m one day late, but better late than never:)


Christmas Spirit

21 Dec
Husband and I have been married for almost 5 years and I’m embarrassed to admit until this year I haven’t put up a single Christmas decoration in our house at Christmas time. So pathetically un-American of me, I know. However, in my defense, the rest of the world is not nearly as obsessed with Christmas as the US is. Anyways,this year… this year was the year it all changed. It had to! If the weather wasn’t going to remind me that it’s Christmas time (remember, I live in South Africa… it’s going into summer here:), then I’m left relying on festive decorations and music. So after a few serious Pinterest sessions and some DIY-ing it up… here are my homemade Christmas decoration:)

My baby proof tree…

(the overview)

 (the close up)
Yes, this tree is solely made of ribbon and is mounted to my fireplace. 
The tree is my interpretation of this Christmas card I saw on Pinterest: 
Ok next we have my Christmas wreath

A direct copy from here: 

Then we have the Christmas sign– definitely the least impressive but most time consuming of the decorations. (Don’t you just hate that when you spend loads of time on something and it doesn’t even turn out like you want? Argh.)

(Taking by my Blackberry which we all know has the crappiest camera in the world.)
Basically a direct copy from here: 

Next up is my simple ‘welcome’ sign. The placement of this pot is right outside our front door hence- my Christmas ‘welcome’ sign. Simple but cute. 
A free printable I took advantage of from here:

And lastly we have my favorite… the girls Christmas T’s🙂
(the front)
(the back)
Both are direct copies. The front came from here:
The back came from here:

So there you have my simple 2011 Christmas decorations. They’re not much but they’re a start and are sure better than nothing. I can’t wait until the girls can DIY with me- oh what fun that will be!

And that’s my Christmas decorations for this year.