And That’s What You’ve Missed…

9 Mar

I have been ridiculously busy the last 2.5 months catching up with some work and have finally managed to jump on here again!

So here’s what you missed…

We had a super relaxing holiday season. In South Africa, the field my husband works in completely shuts down for 2-3 weeks over Christmas. Which means… lots and lots of family time- yippeeeeeee! 

As you can tell the girls were in full holiday mode, sittin’ on the back porch eatin’ peaches just cause they can:)

The last 5 days of our holiday were spent at our families holiday house in a small fishing town that’s about an hour and a half from us. There were quite a few ‘firsts’ for the girls and buckets of fun was had by all. 

First trip to the beach. (This is absolutely shocking considering we live in a coastal city and the girls are a year and a half now.) To say they loved the beach would be an understatement. This particular beach is called Kiddies Beach because the water only takes the girls up to their chest & is very calm. So they can run and play freely, which is nice for everyone. 

First time on a boat. Mmmm, I would say they loved but didn’t hate it either. Just a good experience. 

These next two photos were just to cute to not include…

 While out for sushi one night, Blake decided to copy us and try and eat her bread with her chopsticks. (high five) That’s my girl!

And sweet little Keena just couldn’t bare being separated from her bubba even though she wanted to play with other toys so we turned her into a proper African woman. (See pic below for reference)
The girls have started huggin’ stuff out which is just too flipping cute. And as we like to say around here “Sisters don’t shake hands. Sisters gotta hug!”
I made a comparison pic of myself and Blake just to prove that she is my mini-me. You see Keena is an exact replica of my husband and loads of people have always said that Blake also looks like his side of the family. But it was time I set the record straight.
 Boom. Discussion finished. 

January was just a blur of trying to get back into the swing of normal life but feeling like I was in slow motion and nothing was actually getting down. 

February was pretty cool as it brought with it a visit from a good friend  from the states. It’s actually the 3rd time she’s come to visit us and we LOVE having her every time. On top of loads of laughter, conversations about social issues, politics & parenting and watching YouTube video’s we managed to squeeze in a few superb photo shoots. You see, our friend Katie is a F.A.N.A.T.A.S.T.I.C photographer and hooked us up, yo.  You can and must check out more of her stuff at

Katie and I staged a sweet photo shoot of just the girls and had very high hopes of getting a pic of them standing on this table hugging each other but…

they had different plans. This is actually the only ‘usable’ pic from the whole fiasco. It was an epic fail of note! For whatever reason, the girls were terrified of the balloons (or at least that’s our best guess) and cried for like 20 minutes straight. Big thumbs down. 

So we tried round two a few days later in hopes to get a few good family shots and came out with these…

These are just a few of the lot but its safe to say that we accomplished our mission. Especially considering how hard it is to get a decent pics with 2 toddlers running all over the place!

And that’s what you’ve missed on…


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