Bubba Crazy

26 Mar

Keena LOVEs babies.

There is just no way to stress this enough. The girl is nuts about them.

Every pram (stroller) we pass gets an excited scream- “Bubba! Bubba!” while Keena cranes her neck to get a glimpse of the baby. Every sign we walk or drive past gets the same reaction. Each product package that has a print of baby on it also gets an excited exclamation. If you think I’m exaggerating, a friend from overseas who was staying with us recently said that when we went shopping and we would split up to do our own thing, she never had to worry about finding us. She would simply follow the sound of “Bubba!”.

Our regular maid had her second child recently a beautiful little boy named Bryant. She brought him over for the girls and I to meet last week and Keena’s reaction was totally priceless. She got so excited when she saw the baby up close that she started jumping up and down, flapping her hands in pure joy with a massive smile on her face! I wish we’d had the sense to film it, but we did get a few pictures…

Trying to get a handle on her excitement while admiring bubbas tiny fingers.

Holding Bryant all by herself:)… more or less.

Adoring the baby.

At least I know I’ve definitely got a little helper for the next time I have a baby.  Sweet.


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