Time Magazine Cover That’s Causing a Stir

12 May

Have you seen this yet? This is the image featured on the latest Time Magazine cover…

The photos are for an article about a style of parenting called ‘Attachment Parenting’. Apparently loads of people have kicked up a ruckus about this whole thing.  Honestly, just about anything that gets a strong, even shocked, reaction out of the public these days is interesting to me simply because… it got a strong reaction.

So before I ask you amazing readers a question let me just say that… I did not post this to give a place for people to slam other people. I genuinely believe that any good parent is only trying to do the best they can, in whatever way they see fit… even if it’s super different than my way.  K, so we’ll all understood that this is not a bashing session? Ok then, I’d like to know…

Do you think this picture is inappropriate for the cover of a international magazine?

What reaction did this picture get from you?


2 Responses to “Time Magazine Cover That’s Causing a Stir”

  1. April May 12, 2012 at 9:53 pm #

    Do I think the picture is inappropriate? No. Why? Because breastfeeding is natural. Now, do I think it’s inappropriate to BF a toddler, Yes. But, I think parents that are upset about this picture because they now have to explain to their child what it means are ridiculous. Be open and honest with your children, especially about things that are a natural part of life. Boobs are just boobs. God created them to nourish our children. It isn’t a sexual thing, it’s natural.

    What reaction did it get from me… I was honestly shocked. Obviously every mom has a choice on how to parent their child, so, as you said, I don’t want to bash any one. I think the “attachment” parenting is somewhat off base. I mean, everything in moderation right? I’m certain there are no health benefits for the child to breastfeed beyond a year, maybe even 2 years at the most. I think the attachment thing is more the mom not wanting to let go of their baby growing up.

    I think it was brilliant for Time to publish that photo and the article…what a great way to make money on their end and get people debating and talking! I agree with you though that while we all have our opinions, every parent has a right to do as they see fit for their child. I kind of don’t see a difference in BF toddlers vs. kids who drive tractors when they are like 8. It’s all in what you are used to and how you grow up.

    • ruthjopson May 13, 2012 at 10:40 am #

      I was also shocked April. Look, I would never use this parenting style myself but what really shocked me was the defiant look on her face. From my understanding, woman who choose to breastfeed to long do so because it’s so bonding… there’s nothing about that photo that says ‘special bond’ to me.

      I also think that Time was brilliant to run it cause I’m sure they’re making a killing off of it!

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