My Mothers Day

15 May

This is how my Mothers Day started off. Pretty good start huh?

We usually go to church on a Sunday morning but we decided to take the girls to play at an outdoor play land for the morning instead. It was such a blast!

(As a side note, I’d like to mention that our city doesn’t really have safe parks. There are a few ‘parks’ here and there. There is 1 in our neighborhood that is decent enough to take the girls to but it’s nothing like the parks in the states. The parks in the states seem like Six Flags in comparison to our parks. So… as an alternative, there are 3 outdoor play lands around town like the one below were I can take my kids to play. You do have to pay a few Rand ($2-3 per kid) to get in but it’s totally worth it. Then they can play till their hearts content in a safe, contained environment while I have tea. It’s a win-win for everyone.)

The fenced area on the left is a rabbit petting area. The cage in the back has goats the kids can feed.

Keena + bunnies+ bubba

Keena hunting a bunny.

You gotta love how little kids can make instant ‘friends’ to play with anywhere .

 You can see there is a track were the kids can ride a scooter or bike. The wooden houses are a little village were the kids can play ‘house’. The house in the foreground is a kitchen. The one in the back left is a laundry room and the one to the right is a doll house. There was also a medical/doctors house and a petrol station.

Blake taking her bubba for a walk in her pram.

Keena maxing out in the elephant swing with her bubba.

So that was my mothers day 2012. And that’s…


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