3 Things…

16 May

1) Do you remember when I did this comparison photo of Blake and I?

Well, an old friend from high school saw this photo on Facebook and realized that she had the exact same baby dress! She contacted me and very sweetly offered to send it all the way to South Africa so I could have one for each of my girls. Super great of her right?

Now I have two retro nautical chics.


2) I am feeling very adult-like lately because…#drumrollplease# I am now officially a coffee drinker!

It’s ok if you’re a little confused by my coffee declaration. See the truth is (gulp), I’ve detested coffee my entire life.




I am not exaggerating at all when I use the word ‘DETEST’ either. I hated the smell & the test- the whole package. I do realize that I am probably the only American to ever say that but, it is what it is. I always just figure it saved me heaps of money and saved me a legal addiction. ¬†Everyone always said I’d learn to like it as an adult but that didn’t happen. Then everyone said I’d learn to like coffee when I had my twins simply because I’d NEED it to survive the early months… but that didn’t happen either. And Husband has tried and Tried and TRIED to get me to drink coffee with him (he’s a coffee connoisseur) but it all smelled and tasted like burnt rubber to me.


A few weeks ago I was saying to Husband that I’d like to find a natural stimulant to take before gym. That’s when the magic happened. He took the gap and made me an extra-strong, standard sized cup of coffee with a heaped teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa and 1 diabetic sweetener. I was, of course, reluctant to try it but did eventually and… it wasn’t half bad.

Now I few weeks later, I’ve grown to actually savor each cup. I know I’m still kind of cheating cause I’m not drinking straight up coffee but still… baby steps people. Baby steps.

3) The girls and I had a lot of fun playing play dough together the other day and just wanted to share our fun.

Play dough time!

Cheesy face.

Keena’s sweet new nose.

Play dough ‘staches.


One Response to “3 Things…”

  1. Aunt Alberta Larson May 17, 2012 at 7:36 pm #

    Ruth I love seeing the twins and reading your Blog.

    Aunt Alberta Larson

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