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American English vs. SA English- Cultural Vlog #2

24 Jul

Here we go.

Cultural vlog #2.

Let me know what you think.


The 2’s

13 Jul


I haven’t forgotten about blogging.

Life has been nuts lately and blogging is always the thing on my ‘ To-Do ‘ list that seems to get bumped. Sometimes it bothers me that I don’t have the time to share life with you as much as I’d like but at least half the time… I’m kinda relieved when I don’t have time. I really enjoy blogging but am not a natural writer at all. So when I do write, it takes me a little longer the average person. There’s LOTS of writing, then deleting, then staring at the keyboard trying to force my fingers to type what I could easily say but can’t manage to write somehow. Sleeplessness and plain exhaustion doesn’t really help the matter either. Haha:)

The reason why life has been so nuts lately is because my girls are about to turn two- plain and simple. Thus far, I am finding this age extremely taxing. They are becoming so verbal and so independent, which I love on the one hand. But on the other hand, it requires so much work from me teach them how to use these new-found skills in a respectful way.

You know exactly which behaviors I’m talking about.

…the nagging & whining when they want something (or just plain feel like it).

…the fact that they only eat what they want to eat and therefore choices are becoming limited.

… when they run away from me in public leaving me looking like a parent who can’t control of her child.

… when I call their name and they ignore me.

…when they won’t greet people or make eye contact and you can tell it’s a game for them.

I feel like pulling my hair out just typing about it! I know these are all normal behaviors of children this age but I still don’t find them acceptable. Teaching them to listen to me when I speak is flippin’ tiring. At the moment, every day is about being patient but firm with my words and consistent in my follow-through (of discipline). Every day is negotiations of the smaller things and choosing my ‘no’ carefully. Someday’s I feel like Supermom and other days I feel like a crap mom. And sometimes it seems like they tag teaming me; if Keena’s not pushing her luck, it’s Blake and visa versa. I’m loving their developement but totally drained by it at the same time. (big sigh)

I’m going to leave that there and just say that I welcome any words of encouragement or advice from my fellow moms who have walked the 2 year old road already.

Here are some cute things from late than I can share with you though…

This is Blake’s favorite thing/toy/comfort object at the moment. Other than her dummy- this old vitamin container is her joy. She carries it in her hand ALL DAY, most of the time she’s ‘making eggs’ in it. Therefore, this container has become known as ‘eggs’. When she looses is she throw up her hands, shrugs her shoulders and asks me “Mama, eggs’? So crazy and so cute.

Keena is really into cars & motorbikes at the moment. Husband has a motorbike that he’s busy fixing up and she LOVES to go see it with him every night when he gets home from work. She carries her girly hot wheels around with her most the day and calls them her ‘beep beeps’, after the sound of a car horn.

( A close up of ‘eggs’ and ‘beep beep’.)

So far, it looks like I have one cook and one car fanatic on my hands:) Fine by me.

PS. I know I still owe you quite a few cultural vlogs. Stay tuned… (like always huh?)