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Time Magazine Cover That’s Causing a Stir

12 May

Have you seen this yet? This is the image featured on the latest Time Magazine cover…

The photos are for an article about a style of parenting called ‘Attachment Parenting’. Apparently loads of people have kicked up a ruckus about this whole thing.  Honestly, just about anything that gets a strong, even shocked, reaction out of the public these days is interesting to me simply because… it got a strong reaction.

So before I ask you amazing readers a question let me just say that… I did not post this to give a place for people to slam other people. I genuinely believe that any good parent is only trying to do the best they can, in whatever way they see fit… even if it’s super different than my way.  K, so we’ll all understood that this is not a bashing session? Ok then, I’d like to know…

Do you think this picture is inappropriate for the cover of a international magazine?

What reaction did this picture get from you?


More thoughts on Adoption

11 May

Some of you may be wondering, “Why all the posts about adoption all of a sudden?”

Well firstly, I’ve had it on my heart to adopt since I was 15 years old. So much so that I distinctly remember when I find out that thousands of Chinese baby girls are being discarded every year because their families actually want boys. I remember it because it broke my heart . I decided right then that I would definitely adopt in my life time.

Now I find myself living a this country that is absolutely overflowing with orphans who need families and homes, and I simply cannot ignore it.

Secondly, I read these two blogs regularly….

(The next few pictures are of Adeye and her gorgeous family. I couldn’t find a collective family pic but she is married and these are all her children.)


It just makes me smile seeing a family like this.

Both of these beautiful families have adopted numerous children (as you can see) and it is just down right inspiring and fantastic. My heart for adoption cannot help but grow with this kind of influence in my life!

It is noteworthy to say that these 2 blogs have muuuuch more info about adoption than mine. In fact, that’s pretty much all these blogs are about. So head on over and check it out if you’re interested… and I hope you are:)

Anyways… I would like to leave you with these words that I read today on Adeye’s  lastest blog post. They deserve being read and re-read. These words speak loudly for themselves. Let them challenge you wherever you are at.

(In regards to getting the finances needed for an adoption)…

“Please, I’m begging you, don’t ever think that God is unable to provide for the orphan.  He is MORE than able.  Yes, He chooses to do it differently for each and every family who trusts Him for the finances, but He is always faithful.  Always.  I can stand and testify that from the tallest mountain.  Don’t ever let finances stop you from stepping out of the comfy little boat you’re in and trusting HIM to meet every need you have to rescue a child.  How passionately God loves the orphan and longs to see them all come home!  I believe it with all my heart.”

Like I said, re-read it… and let that soak in.

#How Do You Roll?#

What do you think about Adeye’s words on finances?

If you’re considering adoption, what is your great obstacle in the process?

Ever thought of adopting?

10 May

So basically…

I know this absolutely gorgeous little girl who is currently up for adoption.

Honestly, with all the loving families out there who are looking to adopt, I cannot understand how this little girls hasn’t been scooped up yet!She is 9 months old and 100% perfectly healthy. She has been in the care of  a fantastic Christian baby haven since she was a few days old and been very well loved and cared for since arriving there.

Due to strict rules surrounding adoption in this country I can’t say much else about her or post a picture. However, I am praying that God will somehow use these few simple words to find a family whose hearts resound when reading this and know she is their daughter. I know it’s a tall order but thankfully, my God is “…Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or imagine…” (Ephesians 3:20)

(*Please note, this photo is a random internet photo and has nothing to do with this adoption case I am speaking of.)

Feel free to contact me regarding this if you have questions. I probably won’t be able to give you many answers but can point you in the right direction of who you need to speak to.

Cultural Vlog #1- SA Housing

9 May

You are about to see my very first vlog. (#loudcheering&clapping#)

I promised this weeks ago but better late than never right? This is also the first in a string of cultural vlogs that I will be doing. These are aimed at my non-South African readers so please endure with me SA readers as we share some of our lovely country and lifestyle with others.

#How Do You Roll?#

Does anything in the video stand out to you or surprise you?

What is the typical housing situation like in  your part of the world?

How does this video vary from the image you had in your head of South African housing?


9 May

I bought this CD for my girls yesterday and it’s a total winner.

It’s so cute watching them bop their heads back and forth whilst clapping their hands to these songs.

So if you’re looking for Christian worship music for you littles, I highly recommend this CD. In fact, I didn’t realize but Hillsong have loads of resources for small kids that I will be taking advantage of in the near future.

Bye for now.

#How Do You Roll?#

What christian music or CD’s do your small children love? Leave a comment and let me know:)

Just call me Betty Crocker

14 Apr

I did some baking on Friday. I tried a new recipe, Whole-Wheat Zuccini Muffins. I was thrilled with the results I got!


This is my new favorite muffin recipe because it doesn’t have any sugar, contains a vegetable and tastes amazing! My girls practically swallowed these whole.

After the muffins I was feeling like I was on a roll so I tried another new dessert recipe- Chocolate Coconut Shots.

 This also turned out amazing. Again, doesn’t have any sugar. You gotta love guilt free desserts.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself for my kitchen success. I only baked my first real cake about a year and look at me now- whippin’ up muffins & chocolate mousse!

Eat your heart out Betty Crocker.

Husbands March & April Photos

14 Apr

 My husband is the photojournalist in the family, for sure. I am terrible at taking everyday life pictures of our girls. I’ve mentioned this before as you might recall. Thank goodness that my husband has a  keen eye and an iphone.

Barney time.

Watching Barney like the Simpsons.

Watching the rain.

Sporting a new fringe/bangs.

Trying on their new coats.


Keena’s new camera face, haha!

Blake thinkin’ she’s hot stuff cause she got to eat breakfast in Mom & Dad’s bed.

Bath time.

Blake- tall and beautiful.

See you soon here at…