Twin Resources

When I found out I was having twins I was desperate for good, quality information about… well, everything really! What to expect during my pregnancy, delivery options, how to breastfeed two at once, sleep training, and so the list goes on.

Below is a list of a few books, blogs, websites & tips that I’ve found helpful. I’m a ‘less is more’ kind of woman. I was particular about what I read and therefore only have a few suggestions. Make no mistake though- they’re chalk-a-block full of good info.  This will probably be an evolving page as I remember all the things that were useful to at that stage.


When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads

Breast Feeding

On Becoming Baby Wise

“7 Breastfeeding Tips for Moms To Be” from the Mommyhood Memos

How to tandem feed twins (YouTube Video)

Sleep Training 

On Becoming Baby Wise

The Baby Whisperer Solves all Your Problems; By Teaching You How To Ask the Right Question

Starting Baby Food

Super Baby Food

More Baby Food

Raising Happy, Healthy Children

Deceptively Delicious

General Parenting

Bringing Up Girls

Effective Parenting In a Defective World

How to Talk so Kids Will Listen & Listen so Kids Will Talk

Growing Kids With Character

Personal Tips

  • Use your pregnancy as a time to  mentally prepare for having twins. This will mean something different for everyone. Whatever you need to accept or wrap your head around, use this time to that.
  • Get a notebook for each child and label it with their name. During the first 12 weeks those notebooks were my life line. I made a note in the appropriate notebook each time a baby pood or peed. I made note of how they fed, how long they fed, if they burped fine, how long they slept, what woke them, and so on. This helped me make sure they were healthy, establish a feeding and sleeping routine and trouble shoot any problems we were having with feeding or sleeping.
  • As part of mentally preparing, try to envision life with twins. Envision the process of breast feeding two babies, how you’ll burp one baby while feeding another, how you’ll get to the grocery store, what you’ll do if your changing one babies nappy and the other one is crying. It’s not a fool proof method by any means but it really helped me have an idea of what I could do in some situations. Then when they did occur, I wasn’t totally caught off guard. At least had an idea of where to start.
  • Invest in good feeding pillow. Otherwise, you might as well line up trips to the chiro now.
  • Have your babies weighed on the same day each week. I have a free baby clinic around the corner from my house were I would take my girls each week and it really gave me confidence in my breast feeding as I saw them gain weight each week as well as reason to keep going. There’s nothing like having healthy babies. Alternatively you could take a photo of your baby in the same outfit, in the same location each week until they grow out of that outfit. Same general concept.
  • Join a local twin or multiples group. There is so much strength in numbers. It’s so nice to speak to another mother who’s been in your crazy shoes.
  • With twins- products, clothes, medicines & nappies add up quickly! Rather buy basic things and then buy additional things as you need them. 
  • Use every pair of visiting hands that comes your way! After you have your babies, everyone under the sun is going to want to come see them. Turn this, potentially stressful situation into an opportunity to get a little help. When people ask if they can come visit tell them to come during a feeding or bath time. That way, they get to see your beauties and you score an extra pair of helping hands. Ta-da!
  • Just keep saying ‘yes’ to help! If someone casually says ‘well if there’s anything I can do to help just let me know’- you need to jump on that. Your response needs to be something like ‘actually, it would be a huge help if you could grab a few groceries for me and drop them off’ (obviously you’d reimburse them) or ‘could you take my dog for a walk around the block?’ or whatever the heck might lighten your load. Just don’t be afraid to say ‘Yes!’ to help.
  • Establish a routine ASAP. I know there is loads of debated about demand feeding vs routines- fair enough. To each his own . But when it comes to multiples, I frankly do not see how there is any debate at all. Unless you want to, literally, be a dairy cow all day- get those babies in sync and on a routine. It will help establish your milk supply enabling you to breast feed longer. It will take some of the guess work out of speculating ‘what’s wrong’ when there is something wrong.  You can be confident that your kids are fully fed and getting enough sleep and you are also getting small breaks. All of the above= super important!
  • Get out and back to ‘normal life’ as soon as possible and as much as possible. I know that everyone is different and everyone needs their own unrushed time to find their feet. But the sooner you start doing normal, daily things activities like grocery shopping, going to church or gym and visiting friends the less shocking the transition will be. Be brave and get out there!
  • Choose to be thankful in every situation. Every. Situation. Find something, anything- big or small, and Be. Thankful.

Twin/ Multiples Blogs

Mamma & the Dudes

The Boho Mama


Multiples & More

 (There are loads more twin blogs out there. These are just a few of my fav’s though.)

Twin Blogs with resource pages too


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